About us

Our Mission

At Biltmore Domicile, our mission is to make sofas that are timeless yet fashionable, personalized yet rational, inviting and comfortable. Our design team is here to help you find the perfect balance for your space.

Our manufaturing process consists of time honoured methods of craftmanship. We produced hand-made pieces with traditional wood joinery, (corner blacked, glued, doweled and screwed frames) and custom upholstery. Our sofas are made with kiln-dried hard wood maple frames, harvested from managed canadian forests.

Here at Biltmore, we believe that by ordering a biltmore sofa you are helping the environment by investing in furniture that will not end up in a land fill within 2 years. In other words, Biltmore sofas are built to last.

Our team

Our team is filled with knowledgeable design consultants all here to help you with your purchase. We strive to provide the best service to our customers walking you through every step of the process of buying your Biltmore product. We will help the you through the design, the fabric, the dimensions and come to your house to help you decide on what would look best in the room you are designing. We are here for the customer and hope that our goal shows when you visit Biltmore. 


Biltmore Domicile specializes in cusom sofas and upholstered products. You will be able to design everything yourself when it is bought from us. We manufature our sofas by hand, nothing is machined or mass produced. For this reason, our sofas have that charming look of enduring quality and timeless beauty. Choose from contemporary to transitional to traditional styles. We can accomodate almost all requests. We carry thousands of different fabrics and materials, from entry level to very high end. When choosing your style and materials you will be assissted by our pleasant desing staff to guide you through the process. The first reaction we often get from people is the common misperception that a custom sectional sofa or even standard cusom sofas are much more expensive than off the rack or your run of the mill options. Nothing could be farther from the truth as far as we are concerned. At Biltmore Domicile, we only use the highest quality materials to build our sofas:

Kiln Dried Maple Frames scewed, corner blcoked and doweled. 

No Sag, Drop-in coils or 8 Way Hand-Tied coils, all under a lifetime warranty. 

High Density Foam (2.2lb - 2.5lb/ft3) Latex foam, Bio-foam

Modular or Detachable Frame Option

Upholstery Styling depending on model and design i.e.: Tailored Skirts, Bare Feet, Moder Italian feet.

With all these extraodinary features for a sofa that you will keep for many years, it in no wonder that you will be expected to pay a little more. The amount of time you will get from your Biltmore Sofa makes it a wise and inexpensive investment.